FAQ’s – The Help 2 Buy Grant Scheme

Who provides the money for the grants?

The Help 2 Buy Grant Scheme was launched in February 2018 to help those in difficult circumstances with the cost of new windows and doors. This Initiative is funded entirely by private donations from the company, its staff, contractors and partnering organizations. The Help 2 Buy Grant Scheme is not a government organization and receives no financial assistance from the UK government.

How do you decide who receives a grant?

The Grant Scheme currently offers aid to people within a set qualifying criteria. As the fund is limited we made the decision to help the most needy persons we find on a first come first served basis. We Currently offer assistance to Single Parent Homeowners, with disabled or critically ill children under the age of 18, Employed or self employed with a low income under £10,000. As more funding becomes available this may change and the company reserves the right to change its qualifying criteria without prior notice and offer grants outside of this criteria at our discretion.

On the 19/04/2021 we removed full time carers to the criteria.

How will I know if I have qualified for a grant?

We will contact you and explain that your application is being considered for a grant. We will go through a series of questions to ascertain your situation and eligibility. We may ask for proof of your circumstances to ensure that funding reaches those that need it most first.

What if I don’t qualify for a grant?

We will offer you an alternative option that we feel would be most beneficial to your circumstances. This could be an alternative source of funding or financing via one of our partner companies. We will confirm you are happy to be transferred and they will continue your application process.

What happens if I qualify but there is not enough funding currently?

We will inform you that you are being added to a list of grant-eligible homes and we will contact you when funding becomes available. We will not disclose, circulate, pass or transfer any of your details without your permission and your data will be held securely under ICO and GDPR guidelines.

Can I withdraw my application?

Of course. If your circumstances change and you would no longer be eligible or you feel the money would benefit others more then simply email us, this will help others get the help they need sooner.

How many grants will be handed out?

This is almost impossible to predict. If someone requires a whole house of windows and doors this will use up more of the fund than a front and back door. There is no cap on how many we aim to install under this scheme and no relation between the number of applications to those that can be installed can be drawn as it is driven entirely by private contributions. Ultimately the ongoing success of this initiative will hinge on people, companies and hopefully government getting behind it. In short, we aim to install as many as possible.

Why is it only for homeowners?

If you live in a council or housing association property they will be the ones who have the final say with regards to changes to the property. They also receive tax money/government support for the upkeep and maintenance of these properties. Private landlords are also responsible for the upkeep of their properties, therefore it is the landlord who will need to pay for new windows and doors.

Can I, my company, my organization or a government body make a contribution?

We would love you to. No director or trustees draw money from the fund so you can be sure that 100% of your donation will reach those that need it. If you would like to make a donation then please contact us. You will be notified once we have used your donation.

I own a window company and would like to donate an installation

If you would like to donate products or an installation either in part or full then please send your proposition into info@help2buyscheme.co.uk

Definitions of Marketing Terms We May Use

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